Jul 7, 2012

Cast of characters in Gottfried's Tristan

Blancheflor: King Mark's sister. Elopes with Rivalin. Wife of Rivalin and Mother of Tristan.

Brangane (Brangvein): companion, confidant, and caretaker of Isolde the fair.

Cariado: one of the barons in King Mark's court. Jealous enemy of Tristan and Isolde.

Curvenal: confidant and sidekick of Tristan

Floraete: Foster mother of Tristan and wife of Rual

Gurmun: King of Ireland, husband of Isolde the elder and father of Isolde the fair

Isolde the Elder: Queen of Ireland and mother of Isolde the Fair. Sister of Morold. Skilled in medicine (magic potions).

Isolde the Fair. Lover of Tristan. Queen of Cornwall, wife of King Mark. Niece of Morold.

Isolde of the White Hands: Daughter of Duke Jovelin, sister of Kaedin, wife of Tristan

Jovelin: Duke of Arundel

Kaedin (Caerdin): Son of Jovelin, brother of Isolde of the White Hands, friend of Tristan

Marjodoc: steward to King Mark, eventual enemy of Tristan and Isolde

Mark: King of Cornwall, brother of Blancheflor, maternal uncle of Tristan. Husband of Isolde the Fair.

Melot: spy for Mark and Marjodoc against Tristan and Isolde

Morgan: A Breton duke and overlord of Rivalin for a separate fief. Overcomes Rivalin in battle, then is killed by Tristan

Morold: Irish duke, brother of Isolde the Elder, uncle of Isolde the Fair. Collector of Gurmun's tribute. Killed by Tristan

Petticrieu: A fairy dog from Avalon.

Rivalin: Lord of Paremenie. Lover and husband of Blancheflor, father of Tristan. Rivalin is a noble knight, lacking qualities in only one area. He is prone to over-indulgence. He does as he pleases. This is largely a consequence of his youth. His enemy is Morgan.

Rual li Foitenant: Foster-father of Tristan. Husband of Floraete, Marshall of Rivalin, who oversees his lands while Rivalin is in Cornwall.

Tristan: son of Rivalin and Blancheflor, foster-son of Rual and Floraete. Nephew of King Mark. Killer of Morgan, Morold. Illicit lover of Isolde the Fair. Husband of Isolde of the White Hands.



King Mark is brother of Blancheflor who is married to Rivalin, parents of Tristan

Morold is brother of Isolde the Elder who is married to King Gurmun, parents of Isolde the Fair, who is married to King Mark 

Rual is married to Floreate,  adoptive parents of Tristan