Aug 24, 2013

Reading group guide to Demian

Reading Group Guide to Demian by Herman Hesse. In the 60's thru 80's, Herman Hesse was a staple among teenagers. 

Writing in the existential tradition of Nietzsche and Dostoevsky and drawing on the teachings of Carl Jung, and upon his own experiences as a child and adolescent, Hesse presents a compelling portrait of an individual who finds within himself the means to resolve anxiety and inner conflicts and to perceive in the turmoil of his world the promise of a new, enlightened order. Hesse's classic novel has transfixed generations of readers with its dynamic vision of individual and social transformation.

I wonder how well the novel has aged and whether its coming of age story still connects with young people today. From what I've heard, the popularity has waned, but that doesn't mean it's worth forgetting. A quick review of comments at amazon and shelfari indicates that it IS a book that bears fruit when read again.