Jul 15, 2014

Writing and Discussion prompts on "For a Breath I Tarry" by Roger Zelazny

Q: What do we learn about what it means to be human? Will it ever be possible for machines to become as it were, human?

Q: What makes Frost, unique, special, different? How does this motivate his curiosity in wanting to learn more about humanity?

Q: What happened to the people on earth? describe the setting. who runs the earth and for what purpose? Who are Solcom and Divcom and why are they opposed? What role does Mordel play on the story? Explain the wager between Frost and Mordel

Q: Trace the process Frost takes in attempting to become human. What do these steps suggest about the essence of human nature? What are the obstacles and how does he overcome them? Why does frost have trouble making art?

Q: What is the ore crusher's story and why is it important to the plot and theme? Why does Frost go to Bright Defile and what does he find there?

Q: Wow does Frost become human? How do they know he has successfully achieved his goal?

Q: Explain the relevance of the allusion to the A.E. Housman poem